Looking for Excitement?

At Counterparty, we’re always looking for self-motivated, smart and talented folks to join our team. Currently, areas where we could use help include:

  • All kinds of development, including core protocol development, wallet development/maintenance, and several very interesting “skunk works” type projects we are working on or considering.
  • Help on the PR front: Helping to draft press releases, producing long form content, and working with independent journalists to help draft and publish pieces
  • Communicating on forums and on reddit to help spread the word
  • Help translating Counterparty content to a variety of languages
  • PR and communications in our non-English communities (especially China)

Counterparty is non-profit and entirely powered by the efforts of volunteers. Thus, we cannot offer a salary or a “job”. However, we can offer the opportunity to gain valuable experience working on exciting and impactful things for a top notch, well regarded project, as well as a great point of reference for a resumé.

We have no specific “application process”, and we consider team roles based on those from the community that have stepped up and shown themselves as able to consistently produce quality work. Our core team is very dynamic, hard working, and easy to get along with.

  • For devs: Get involved by diving into bug fixes and feature enhancements, and submitting PRs back to us. It’s the best way to prove yourself. Feel free to ask questions in #dev on our Slack chat.
  • For everyone else: Join the #outreach channel on our Slack chat and let us know your background. We’ll be able to give you some sample tasks to knock out.

Please read about our unique founding story here, see our recent developments, our code, and feel free to mess around with the software.

We look forward to working with you.