New Community Outreach Manager

July 11, 2022

Today we are pleased to announce that the Counterparty community has a new Community Outreach Manager who will be taking on a number of outreach tasks to help engage with the Community.

With a background in technology, Counterparty community member Chris (40by25) looks forward to making connections between developers and communities to promote and introduce Counterparty to a wider audience.

Chris has become interested in Counterparty though working with MrHansel developing what Chris affectionately calls the “Hansel Frame” – a low-power, well proportioned Raspberry Pi based IPS frame showing Hansel’s Rare Pepes off at galleries and shows.

He is looking to hear from members of the Counterparty community for submissions of articles and contact from new and existing projects. His aim is to make sure there is a healthy exchange of information between the community, developers and getting Counterparty onto the radar of technologists, developers, and the press.

Chris has recently rekindled an obsession with home computers from the 70s, 80s and 90s and likes to spend time fixing up and maxing out historically significant and groundbreaking computers. Using older character sets and technologies to make XCP tokenized art is something he’s been exploring. He minted his first card earlier this year based on a character set used for TV based information pages, and it’s recently been dropped on Fake Commons. Check it out SIXELPEPE.

Get involved

Chris looks forward to a fruitful future for all involved with the CounterParty protocol, from publishers to collectors and especially innovators. To kick off his duties, Chris is asking for any and all leads for articles or authors to email him directly at the official account:

He is now looking to re-establish the CounterParty newsletter, and will be hosting the monthly hangouts soon. 

Have you got an update about your project? Have you recently started a new one? If you are bursting to tell the community about what excites you about XCP, please contribute by sending a short description of your project, your contact information, and a logo for your project to and we can get your project added to the Counterparty projects page