Full-time Developer Added to Counterparty Team

March 24, 2014

We are happy to announce Bitcointalk that user JahPowerBit is now able to work on Counterparty full-time. Jah’s two major contributions to date have been the web-based desktop GUI, “BoottleXCP“, and the “light” replacement client for Bitcoind, “pyrpcwallet“. BoottleXCP is the first and only feature-complete desktop GUI for Counterparty. pyrpcwallet is particularly useful, as it allows one to use Bitcoind and Counterparty’s functionality without having to download Bitcoin blockchain.

As Jah transitions from his current situation, he will be working on Counterparty part-time. During this period he will mostly be fixing bugs in Counterwallet, and maintaining BoottleXCP and pyrpcwallet. When Jah fully transitions, he will continue working on Counterwallet, the architecture of counterpartyd, and help out with new features we would like to implement.

Counterparty advances through the efforts of its community, and JahPowerBit’s contributions demonstrate that. We look forward to further collaboration with Jah and enabling him as he helps shape Counterparty’s future.