counterparty-server 9.55.0 Released – Please upgrade!

July 14, 2016

Earlier this week Counterparty released a major new update for its reference client software. The new version of counterparty-lib, 9.55.0, brings numerous enhancements such as P2SH support, Docker builds, several protocol-level updates, as well as dozens of bug fixes. The included P2SH capabilities enable support in Counterparty for multisig addresses (which start with a ‘3’), as well as opening the door to the release of payment channels (micropayments) and Lightning Network capabilities.

If you are running counterparty-server, please update to this new version ASAP. The protocol changes will take effect at block 423888 (around August 4) and your software must be updated by that time.

The full Changelog can be found here on GitHub. A formal announcement will be forthcoming. If you have any questions or issues updating, please join our Slack chat and ask in #dev or #support.

And, if you’d like a more straight-forward way of installing Counterparty-lib on Linux, Windows and OS X, feel free to check out our new Docker-based build system. We are looking for folks to help test it and report any issues.