Counterparty-lib 9.59.0 released!

January 11, 2021

Release Notes:

  • Replaced indexd backend with addrindexrs
  • Adjust minimum DEX BTC order amount to 0.00001 BTC
  • Mempool parsing updates (temp fix for heavy mempool loads)
  • Speed up parsing of blocks
  • Simplified Bech32 check
  • Fixed ParseTransactionError error handler
  • Updated holders() to include escrowed dispenser funds
  • Added support for subasset names in MPMA lists & dispensers
  • Fixed MPMA transaction parsing
  • Added ‘dispenses’ table to track dispense transactions
  • Added support for creating dispensers on new/empty addresses
  • Rebuilt Counterparty databases and bootstrap images
  • Fixed issue with wrong tx_hash being parsed for segwit transactions
  • Fixed issue with segwit dispensers not detecting payments

For those running a federated node:

cd federatednode/
fednode stop
git pull
sudo rm -f data/counterparty/counterparty.*
sudo rm -rf data/indexd
fednode uninstall
fednode install full master
fednode rebuild counterparty counterparty-testnet

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