Counterparty-lib 9.58.0 released!

February 3, 2020

This release includes 2 new major features:

  • P2SH encoding – Allows arbitrary size messages using 2 transactions to encode data inside P2SH scriptSigs.
  • Multi-Peer-Multi-Asset (MPMA) Sends – Allows sending multiple assets to multiple addresses with different quantities and a memo on a single message, usually used in conjunction with P2SH.

Upgrade Timing

Update should be done ASAP as the rules activate on the following blocks.

Mainnet Block # 616,614
Testnet Block # 1,569,194

Release Notes

To send an MPMA transaction, please review the “create_send” API documentation which has been updated to allow sending of arrays for destinations, assets, and quantities. Pay particular attention to the new p2sh_pretx_txid parameter in the “Advanced create_ parameters” section.

For information on how to encode data into a P2SH transaction, please review the “Transaction Encoding” section as P2SH transactions differ from normal transactions and require 2 transactions instead of just one.

For information on how to sign P2SH transactions, please review the “Signing Transactions Before Broadcasting” section of the API documentation

For those running a federated node:

cd federatednode/
fednode stop
git pull
sudo rm -f data/counterparty/counterparty.*
fednode update
fednode rebuild

View counterparty-lib 9.58.0 Release Notes