Announcing Devparty: the First Counterparty Development Contest

December 1, 2015

In expectation of the second anniversary of the Counterparty project, just a month away, the Counterparty Foundation is happy to announce the first development contest – Devparty, and is inviting developers from all over the world to build new Counterparty integrations, with up to 9,500 XCP in prizes available.

The goal of Devparty is to produce new software projects and demonstrate the most innovative integrations and uses of the Counterparty platform.

The contest is due to start on today, December 1st and last 10 weeks, till Tuesday February 9th, followed by a one week long judging period.

To enter the contest, register your project via the Google Form below. This will let us track projects participating in the contest and give regular updates to the community as the contest moves along. Groups can register anonymously (they don’t have to provide a real name or identifying information).

To discuss all things Devparty and share progress/ideas, please join us in our official Counterparty Slack channel.



Contest Terms

  • All projects must be either a new project, or a new feature on an existing project/product. In either case, coding must start after the announced start date of the contest.
  • All projects must be open source, published to github, with full instructions for use.
  • All projects must be licensed under an Open Source Initiative-approved license. MIT license preferred.
  • All projects must have a fully working demo by the start of the voting period.
  • Individuals on the judging panel may not enter the contest, either personally or through a group directly controlled by them (e.g. their company, with their employees’ doing the work).
  • Counterparty Foundation board members may not enter the contest.


Judging will be done by two separate groups. The first group is comprised of seven judges appointed by the Counterparty Foundation:

  • Ivana Zuber: Counterparty General Manager
  • Robby Dermody: Counterparty Co-founder; Symbiont
  • Robert Ross: Counterparty Community Director; Folding Coin
  • Chris Derose: Counterparty Community Director
  • Jeremy Johnson (J-Dog): Coindaddy
  • Ruben De Vries (rubensayshi): Blocktrail; counterparty-lib contributor
  • Matthew Tan (mtbitcoin): Blockscan

The second group will be comprised of the community itself.

All voting will be done via tokens, with each project getting its own bitcoin address where tokens may be sent. Vote counting will be done via, both for judging panel and community voting.

  • Panel vote tokens will be sent to an address corresponding to each of the judges on the panel, with each panel member getting three tokens.
  • Community vote tokens will be sent to the last unique 750 active addresses, counted up until block 386200, with each address getting three tokens.

With each group, the three tokens can be used however they like (e.g. giving all three to one project, or splitting them across multiple projects).


After the 11 weeks long period, the two voting groups will award a first, second and third place for both the main prize and the community prize:

Main prize (7,500 XCP total, awarded by the panel):

  • 6,000 XCP – First place
  • 1,000 XCP – Second place
  • 500 XCP – Third place

Community prizes (up to 2,000 XCP total, awarded by community vote):

  • Up to 1,000 XCP – First place
  • Up to 750 XCP – Second place
  • Up to 250 XCP – Third place


Robby Dermody (Counterparty co-founder) will pledge up to 8,500 XCP total. 7,500 will be for the main prize, and up to 1,000 will be to match donations 1:1 for the community prize.

The community prize entirely depends on these donations. So for instance, if the community only donates 250 XCP total, then the full prize will be 500 XCP (with Robby’s matching donation). If the full 1,000 XCP is donated, then the prize becomes the full 2,000 XCP. The community is of course free to donate over 1,000 XCP, but it won’t be matched.

Community members may donate to the pool by sending XCP to the following address:


We hope to see many new and cool projects emerge during the contest and wish all the participants the best of luck.

Let the coding begin!